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All For Good

     Revival Coffee Company is a company dedicated to good.  We are a small batch roasting company devoted to the quality of our products.  We roast to order to be able to offer the freshest coffee available.  

     Along with offering quality specialty coffees, we want to be able to do good in our own community as well as abroad.  On every purchase, we give ten percent of our profits to non-profit organizations.  Among these being: scholarship funds, induction fees to Teen Challenge, Integrity Worldwide's program to feed students, and Save a Life.  

     The vision we have is to be able to offer jobs to young adults who are coming out of places of poverty.  We believe that many of these young people will be able to be productive citizens if given the chance to succeed.

     So, with Revival Coffee Company, you can enjoy a cup of coffee knowing that the good in the cup lasts longer than 12 oz.