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Since 2008, Kenya has been troubled by severe drought to a degree where the Maasai were forced to watch their only source of survival — their livestock — die slowly of starvation. The lack of rain in the area has destroyed crops and killed herds of cattle and goats.

Food prices have more than tripled, forcing families already suffering in poverty to choose which children will get to eat and which will go hungry. Many children that attend school do so hungry and their poor test scores prove it. 

In 2011 Integrity Worldwide, at the request of the Meto School System started to offer free school lunches for all 700 students at Meto PrimarySchool.  For many students, it is the only meal they will receive all day. Integrity provides lunches three days each week thanks to your donations and the people of Meto, realizing the importance of school lunches, have started to contribute as well. Integrity Worldwide partners with the school and parents to feed the students.

Revival Coffee Company has seen the need and is wanting to help.  Whenever you purchase the Integrity Blend of coffee 10% of the profits will go to Integrity Worldwide to help feed the children of Meto.

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